Baja is secure and friendly. Mexico has taken great strides in becoming one of the worlds foremost travel destinations. Since we believe the most important rule of investing is to limit risk and maximize profits, we want to offer some information about the security of Mexican real estate.Baja Real Estate


We hear it all the time, “Won’t the Mexican government take your land?” The answer is, “No!” Mexico has established guidelines for ownership in their country that make it owing property a safe and simple process,


Today there are over one million Americans and hundreds of thousands of citizens of other countries living in Mexico and owning Mexican land. American developers and builders are working together with their Mexican counterparts to take advantage of the increasing demand for real estate.


The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Mexican real estate has become a "Haven for U.S. Institutional Investors."


Select the link, below, to read a short article from the Mexican Embassy that encourages foreign investment: Mexican Embassy


Another important site that you should look at talks about Mexico’s 30-year journey to develop a highly successful tourist industry. Here is the Mexican Department of Tourism’s web site that tells more of the story: Fonatur



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